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Located 45 minutes from Yangon, it is inhabited by more than 90 species of birds and 70 species of herbivorous animals...

Located at Htaukkyant, about 32 km from Yangon on the road to Bago, there is a memorial cemetery of Allied soldiers who died in the Burma Campaign during World War II. The cemetery's beautifully kept compound has 27,000 tombstones of fallen Common Wealth and Allied soldiers


The ancient capital of the Mon Kingdom (15th century A.D.) is located 80 km north from Yangon and is famous for its enormous

"Shoemadoo...was once, in point of sanctity, superior to all other temples in Ava, and the natives declared it to be more than 2,000 years old. It was formerly gilded as highly as the Shoedagon pagoda, to which, in point and elegance of structure, it is superior." (Capt. F.B. Doveton, 1852),

one of the largest reclining Buddha images in Myanmar.

Situated in the Bago Division, the Moeyungyi Wildlife Reserve covers 40 square miles of an enormous wetland.
Our birdwatching enthusiasts will be more than thrilled to stay there for one day!

From Bago you travel east across the Sittaung Bridge to Kyaiktiyo. Upon reaching Kinpun Base Camp after a 2 hour drive, you will be transferred into open trucks for a spectacular ride up the Hermit Hill Base Camp. Make your own pilgrimage up to the mystical Golden Rock where the men apply gold leaves to the rock's surface. A 5.5 meter high stupa, resting atop a huge gold-gilded boulder, precariously perched high on the edge of the hill will make you believe in the unbelievable!

Kyaikhtiyo,The golden Rock

This Land of Highly Civilised People, located 285 km north-west of Yangon at the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River. Descending 5,000 years ago from Mongolian tribes, the Pyu became the ancestors of Myanmar people.

Buddha statues in the rocks, Pyay

standing on the platform of this Golden Hair Relic Pagoda, you will hardly overlook the...

an enourmous seated Buddha image, rising over 66 meters above the city - it gives Pyay the look off "LEGOLAND".

Hset That Gyi Pagoda,Pyay


is a paradise for archeologists. In the compound of the largest and best preserved Pyu settlement you will find the stupas of BAW BAW GYI, BE BE GYI, PAYA GYI and PAYA MAR, among Myanmar's oldest ones.

So many people asked us whether Myanmar Travel Ltd. did a photo montage - No, we did not! This image was built by the most powerful Pyu King, Duttabaung, in the 5th century AD. Soon after the construction he lost his '3rd eye'. He was advised to donate a pair of spectacles to the image - thus he regained the devine-gifted eysight. Maybe spectacles were invented in the 5th century AD and not in the 14th century AD?

Important trading center in the 17th century, only 25 driving minute distance from Yangon. A visit to the KYAIKHAUK PAGODA should not be missed, nor the YELE PAGODA, which is situated on a small island, also clled "Catfish Island".

A one-hour boat cruise on a local ferry to Twante will bring you to the pottery and cotton weaving home industries.

Shwe Myat Hman, Buddha with Golden Spectacles
Shwe Myat Hman,Buddha with Golden Spectacles

Pottery in twante, myriam
Pottery in Twante

The RV Mahaythi has daily (guarantee minimum 2 persons departure) river cruises to Twante. Pick-up from your hotel is at 07:00 and you will be back in Yangon at appr. 15:00 P.M. For more information, please kindly check our river cruises.

It is the nearest beach from Yangon, a distance of just under three hours drive, after ferry-crossing the Hlaing i.e., Yangon river. Letkokon village and Ywa Thit Kone village just a kilometer further away are small fishing villages. Fresh and delicious seafood and juicy tropical fruit of the season can be enjoyed to your contentment. A Sunbath under the shady coconut groves sipping tender coconut milk under the sunny sky would be a pleasant time to pass. The one and only hotel, the "Letkokon Beach Hotel" with a number of Chalet type bungalows is located at the end of the driveway leading from the beach. Poor road, electricity supply, telecoms, accommodation, fresh clean water, modern conveniences and other facilities are limited. Over a century old monastery of teak logs and planks and another about half a century old are in the vicinity of Ywa Thit Kone. The Ayeyarwady River, which branches into several rivulets in the Delta Region before entering into the sea deposits fertile silt to form the Delta, where nutrient and fragrant rice cultivation, thrives on the rich soil. During the monsoon and high waters the sea is rather muddy. The Chaung Tha Beach further west, the Kan Thar Yar Beach and the Ngapali Beach in the north-west on the Rakhine Coast where the sea water is clear for swimming and surfing. Facilities are better.

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