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About Myanmar Rumours and Unspoilt Beaches

I remember "those" days in Myanmar when we tried to escape the water festival in Yangon and have had some kind of "decent" beach holiday. We always had to plan far in advance and at most times the only "acceptable" government hotel was fully booked and we finally ended up in a local guesthouse, which was in fact a hut...

Travel story updated october 2002

Anyhow, the white beach was unspoiled, the water crystal-clear - at least we could enjoy the days!

So we tried the new hotels in Ngapali Beach and were so thrilled about the accommodation that we thought: "That's it - we will not have to send our clients always to Thailand for a beach holiday!"

Elephant seat at sandoway resort, ngapali beach, rakhine state, myanmar

We had marvelous days at the Sandoway Resort thanks to Alberto's excellent taste in decorating the bungalows which are nestled in tropical gardens on prime beach frontage.

His creation of tiger, monkey and elephant seats gives the hotel a final touch - and not to forget the Italian cuisine, which can‘t be better in Italy itself !

In case you miss the swimming pool and other activities, there is also the Bayview Hotel offering all modern facilities and clean, neat and tidy rooms with airconditioning and also excursions to interesting places in Rakhine State for the ones who don‘t want only to relax.

Two years ago we also visited a new beach resort called at Ngwe Saung where 18 companies started to develop hotels, although a lot of people warned us from traveling to this area because of the bad road conditions, the rocky beach and, last not least, because of the water snakes!

It seemed that all the people we met and talked with knew it all, although they never had been there...

One of the German expats who was involved in the design of a beach resort hotel on exactly that beach (!) got really nervous, also reflecting that she had been swimming in those "poisonous waters".

But for her husband, she was still the only proof he had got: She was still alive and thus no water snakes...

To calm her down, we contacted the Institute of Toxicology via the internet and received the information that there never have been any water snakes in this part of the Bay of Bengal.
Pristine beaches of Myanmar

That was the "GO!" for our friends and us! One early morning we left in a convoy of  Jeeps to Chaungtha, a beach resort where thousands of locals spend their holidays during the hot summers. After after 2 1/2 hours the road gradually deteriorated, as it was still under construction - at some times we could not even see 2 meters ahead, our cars surrounded by dark clouds of dust.

White, sandy beaches in myanmar But suddenly we came out of the dust and were awarded with a magnificent view: The crystal-clear blue sea with the waves we so often missed at Ngapali Beach and the white, white sand...

Despite several warnings that two locals were killed by water snakes (!) recently, we took the "risk" - and survived!

For travellers who do not mind a journey of 5 1/2 hours car ride (from Yangon to Ngapali including transfer times, check-in/check-out you will reach your beach destination in about 4 1/2 hours' time!), it's well worthwhile to enjoy one of the last unspoiled beaches in this world - not to mention the superb accommodation with all the amenities of a luxury resort...

YES, finally we can include Ngwe Saung to our travel destinations without being scared that the resort we first tried to use cancelled without prior notice our confirmed bookings with the reasons of either "renovation" (they just completed their construction (?))...or as according to "rumours" some of the hotel staff employed had hepathitis - considering that there is a Western management... Beach atmosphere at ngapali beach
Beach atmosphere

Oh, before we forget - and this is not a rumour: The Delta Queen is offering cruises from Yangon to Ngwe Saung. The initial idea was to "facilitate the hell of a drive" from Yangon to Pathein... Meanwhile travellers may take into consideration if they either prefer to

a) chose this river boat, dept. 15.00 hrs - arrival next morning 9.00 hours in Pathein and continue for another 2 hours to Ngwe Saung. You can stay in one of  the 12 comfortable aircon cabins WITH share shower (meaning 1 shower/toilet for ladies and 1 shower/toilet for men). One way in twin sharing room US$ 120 per person;

Sunset impression at the new resort at ngapali beach, rakhine state
Sunset impression
at the new resort

b) just take the faster and less pricey solution and rent a car to Ngwe Saung - you even have a short ferry ride and the chance to visit some villages along the way and enjoy the green delta - Myanmar's Rice Bowl.

For more information on the new beach resorts please contact us!

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