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My favourite place in the Golden Triangle
Picnic lunch in the centre of the Golden Triangle

Start in the early morning a day of exploration, travelling on a rough road through some of the most remote, but inhabited mountain area, when we finally had to get out of our car and continued our adventure by foot...

Take our favourite Shan guide, who grew up in Khentung and speaks all the tribal languages of this area. You will get many insights of life in the Golden Triangle. During your one hour trek, he will explain you that the Loi people do their living from planting upland rice and corn and live in 'long houses' - where up to 5 families have not only their fireplace but also their open bedrooms... 'each village has a traditional leader (Ka Sere) and of course a spiritual leader (Doo Boo) as well as a spiritual doctor, the Nee De Baa...' How the time flies! All of a sudden you will stand in front of the most stunning old monastery you have ever seen.

Once I met the monk up there who invited us in and showed us the altar on which were three Buddha statues - the only 'crowned' Buddhas in Myanmar, respectively the world, he said. He invited us to sit down, have a rest after the hike and allowed us to even have our picnic lunch there!

Travelled around the world - we however thought that this was the most unique picnic lunch we ever enjoyed in our life! We later visited the Ka Sere in his long house which he shared with other families of the nearby Wan Nyut Village. After I asked them what there main wish was to have right NOW it took not longer than a minute to get the answer that it was a COW! Well they got their wish and they not only did get one cow from us, but 8 cows - that was 4 years ago and now this village is the richest in that area as they started breeding cattle...

Indeed, we do not 'sell' this precious destination a lot, and decided to sometimes bring travelers to this remote area who know how exceptional such an encounter is - and not to forget: without our friend this trip would only be half the joy as well!

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