When foreign language student Myriam Grest traveled to Burma in the 80ies, she was just granted a 7 days stay in a country, ruled by the notorious dictator Ne Win, who mostly followed the advice of his astrologers and thus leading the country of golden pagodas and graceful people into a bizarre political system, combined with Buddhism, socialism, superstition and the spice of a brutal dictatorship.

At the Shwedagon she met the future father of her only daughter and what started like a fairy tale… ended one day… however she succeeded with having her own business as the only Western woman, in one of the most exotic countries in the world, whose unexpected opening is now again at the centre of attention.

Myriam has not only met ambassadors, spies, princes and drug lords, but is well connected with people of all walks of life. As she says: "I have learned from every single person I met, from the simple trickshaw driver to wealthy travelers, from the office staff to my suppliers - and I do not want to miss one single experience!’"

Join her on her travels through this fascinating but controversial Golden Land!

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2014 Myriam Grest Thein