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When one speaks of handicrafts and cottage industries, Mandalay, the city of the last Myanmar kings and heart of Myanmar's culture, artistry and religion, surely is the place. There is unique gold embroidery, hand-weaving of silk and cotton, the incredible process of making gold leaves, wood and stone carving and bronze casting. The river jetty at Mandalay is a beehive of activity with small boats going up and down the river, bamboo rafts and cargo boats with huge logs from the teak forests upriver. Here, the water buffaloes are the beasts of burden, hauling the logs from the river up to the lumber storage areas along the river bank.

the city within the city, built in 1857 and destroyed by fire during the Second World War, is surrounded by thick brick walls. Myanan-Sankyaw Golden Palace (model of the Mandalay palace), the Nanmyint-Saung Tower and the Cultural Museum can be found inside the palace grounds.

Palace in mandalay, myanmar
Royal Palace, Mandalay

the holiest pagoda in Myanmar, hosting the revered Mahamuni image, cast in the 1st century and now covered in thick gold leaves, attracts pilgrims from all over the country.

Buddha statue at Mandalay Hill
Buddha statue at
Mandalay Hill

With its height of 236 meters and 1,729 steps it offers a terrific view of the city and the surrounding countryside! From there you can see the...
built by King Mindon in 1877. This pagoda is surrounded by 729 upright marble slabs on which the entire Buddhist scriptures are inscribed. Created by 2,400 monks, it is also known as the "World's Largest Book". Next to this pagoda you will find the...

Kuthodaw pagoda, Mandalay
Kuthodaw Pagoda, Mandalay

famous for its exquisite wood carving. It was part of the palace complex during King Mindon's time before it was shifted piece by piece to the east of the Mandalay palace.

Shwenandaw Monastery,Mandalay

This attractive monastery built in traditional Burmese fashion is one of the few buildings that have survived the test of time. Constructed in 1895 by Chinese merchants, the monastery consists of many impressive woodcarvings and also contains a number of admirable works of art. At present there are 35 monks that live in the monastery complex which is held up by the classical teak foundation that is often seen throughout the country but rarely in as good condition as at this illuminating site.

3 km east of Mandalay Fort has a whole complex of temples and monasteries running along the top of its ridge. With two staircases at either 'end' of the hill, you can walk the complete circuit - so take your shoes with you.

You can find many wondrous places in various part of the world and Myanmar is no exception. One of these is the Snake Pagoda, situated at the town of Paleik, which is 15 miles from Mandalay.
The formal name of the Pagoda is known as “Ratana Laba Muni Sutaungpyi Muei Phaya” but it is known to be as “Meui Phaya” or “Snake Pagoda”. In 1977, a Buddhist monk was clearing the bush in that area and found a Buddha image inside a ruined Pagoda.
On top of the image were three large pythons and from that time on, the place became known far and wide in the country as the Snake Pagoda. Each snake is fed a pot of milk and three eggs every five days. But later on, due to instructions from a veterinarian, each was given 50 ticals of goat meat for protein. But every morning at 11:00 a.m., the snakes are given a bath. Pilgrims from various parts of the country come to pay homage to the snake Pagoda in Paleik town whenever they arrive in Mandalay. It is Buddhist belief that even animals through merit earned in previous existences are deserving of care and attention

For lovers of arts and crafts, Mandalay represents the largest repository of Myanmar arts and crafts. It is here that visitors can observe skilled craftsmen making beautiful articles of tapestry, ivory, wood, marble and stone carving and engravings, silverware and bronze statues according to the time-honored traditions of their forefathers. Besides those, the other arts and crafts workshops of silk-weaving and gold-leaf making are also places worthy of visiting..

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