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Kachin State

Take a flight from Yangon and Mandalay to Myitkyina, there are also daily trains via Kathar to Myitkyina (appr. 24 hours), or you can take a boot the Ayeyarwaddy River up to Bhamo, or you can also travel by car from Mandalay via Lasio and Muse to Bhamo (2 days with an overnight stop at Muse.

The capital which is centrally located in the Kachin State is the Northern most railway terminal and 919 miles from Yangon and 487 miles from Mandalay. Visitors can tour the Myit Sone, the confluence of Maikha and Malikha Streams. Ayeyarwady, the most useful river in Myanmar has its source from this confluence and flows 1,325 miles to the mouth of the river. The water over here is crystal clear.


The panoramic view of the scenario at Myit Sone with the unspoiled beauty of nature is beyond the expression of words and will definitely be a fine attraction to tourists. Different tribes of national races live in harmony with their own cultures, customs, dialects, dances and lifestyles. About 25 miles to the north of the town, is some of Myanmar's most beautiful and important natural beauty spots, in the cradle of the Ayeyarwaddy, where Maykha and Malikha rivers meet, usually called the Myit-son.

2 1/2hours South of Myitkyina you will find the largest inland lake of Southeast Asia with its 8 miles East to West, and 15 miles North to South - and over 20 villages are located around the lake. The predominant ethnic groups are: the Shan and the Kachin, whom mainly practice agriculture. Indawgyi Lake is within the confines of Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1999 by the Ministry of Ecotourism. The sanctuary, which is 300 square miles, contains a variety of animal species, including rare mammals and birds

Shwemyizu Paya


Situated in the north of Myitkyina, can only be reached by air from Yangon, Mandalay or Myitkyina. The city is surrounded with snow peaked mountains and the weather is cold around the year. Flora and Fauna can be seen in the forest around Putao. There are also many different ethnic minority tribes in Kachin state. It is the nearest town to the base camp for Climbing Mt. Khakhaborazi (5889 metres), which is the highest mountain in Myanmar and in Southeast Asia. Putao is the starting point for Myanmar's most adventurous trekking adventures bathing possibility!

Suspension bridges are the typical river crossing in this region. People of the Rawan, Lisu, Khamti-Shan, Jingphaw and Kachin are represented in the region. This area is famous for its Nature of originated Flora, especially there are many various kinds of orchids and even the world rarest Black orchids can be found in this area.

And for fauna, one of the rarest animal species, Takin (Budorcas Taxicolor), Red Panda (Ailurus Fulgens), Black Bears, Black Deer, are all endemic to this region.Various kinds of Butterflies can be seen in this area on the month of January. The Butterflies including such as an endangered species can be found, among them are Kaiser, Apollo, Bhutan, Glory and Birdwings. January and April are the best months to see the butterflies, flowers and orchids in the icy forest - magical!

Suspension Bridge


Located 186 km south from the capital of Myitkyina, on the Ayeyarwady River  is the nearest river port to the Chinese border. The population is a mix of Chinese and Shan, with Kachin peoples in the hills around the town. Bhamo was once called Sampanago, and was the capital of a now-extinct Shan kingdom of Manmaw. The ruins of the old city walls still exist, some 5 km from the modern town.

Thein Dawgyi Paya

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